Investment Research

Our team of experienced investment managers offer timely analysis on stocks, financial markets and trade ideas. We have a proven track record of investing in shares and providing clients with strategies to navigate the markets.  

Our ideas are supported by in-depth research (top down and bottom up) and derived from our deep understanding of the companies and their respective sectors.  

We offer our clients research packages covering shares, listed hybrids, Listed Investment Companies (LICs), special industry/sector reports, corporate access and model portfolios. 


Investment Management

We aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, backed by our proven track record of successfully managing investor funds.

We offer portfolio management services which are tailored to our clients’ needs and risk profiles.  

Banyantree offers managed discretionary account (MDA) services to wholesale clients across a number of different strategies investing in shares and managed funds.

Our investment process is driven by independent research of companies and financial market events.